In which professions can a nursing assistant retrain

In which profession can a nursing assistant retrain. Are you a Caregiver looking for retraining and wondering how your professional background and personal skills can help you? Whether your project is accompanied by training or not, whether you have a nursing assistant diploma or not, even if you are simply in a process of professional development, we encourage you before anything else, to look at transversal skills that a caregiver shares with other professions in the medical sector or not.

Aide-soignant(e) à la recherche d'une reconversion professionnelle

In which profession can a nursing assistant retrain

What retraining for a nursing assistant? We have noticed that many would like to reorient themselves, for example, towards the public service as an administrative agent. . Other Caregivers would prefer to change to social or to become ATSEM . Some are also attracted to the pharmacy and wonder how to go from Caregiver to assistant in pharmacy or  » Caregiver to Nurse .

Use transversal skills first

We are going to rely on a study carried out by pole emploi and France Stratégie on transversal skills to try to help you see clearly in your career change decision.

As a Caregiver, we have chosen a group of transversal skills that facilitate the transition to other professions. We would like to point out, however, that we have retained here that transversal skills having values ​​higher than the average of the trades :


  • Contact with the public (for example, in support of patient care, meals and everyday activities).
  • Reagent (ve)
  • Teamwork (for example, by informing the nurse abnormal manifestations or risk of falls, bedsores, etc.)
  • Quality standards and risk management
  • Physical efforts (for example in the accompaniment to the toilet , solicitation, stimulation of patients …)
  • Visual or audible attention (for example by tracking changes to patient’s condition).
  • Work under pressure
  • Emotional charge
  • Organizational changes

Reconversion Caregiver to administrative employee of the public service

If you wish to retrain a nurse’s aide towards the public service, either as an administrative agent or retraining in the hospital public service first analyze your strengths and areas for improvement.

Your strengths:

As a caregiver, here is the list of transversal skills that will facilitate your mobility for the profession of administrative employee of the public service :

  • Contact with the public (for example in a post of telephone and physical reception of residents. By informing people about administrative formalities)
  • Immediate response to the request, that is to say; the reactivity
  • Emotional load (for example; you can sometimes manage delicate situations)
  • Organizational changes

Your Points to improve (skills with values ​​much higher than a Caregiver:

The points that you will have to develop as a Caregiver in retraining towards administrative employee of the public service are for example :

  • Reading and writing documents (Example: note-taking techniques, creation of administrative files, etc.)
  • Use of IT tools (by example; in the instruction and the constitution of the files, the recording of the requests…)

Professesional retraining Caregiver to social

If you wish to make a professional retraining of Caregiver towards the profession of professional of social action and orientation.

Your strengths:

As a Caregiver, here are the transversal skills that will facilitate your mobility for the profession of social work and guidance professional :

  • Contact with the public (for example with family people that you follow )
  • Immediate response to the request, that is to say; the reactivity
  • Teamwork (for example multidisciplinary Teamwork)
  • Work under pressure
  • Emotional load (for example; caring for frail people)
  • Organizational changes

Your Points to improve (skills with values ​​much higher than a Caregiver):

If you are a nursing assistant in retraining towards profession of social action and guidance professional , here are for example the skills that you will lack:

  • Reading and writing documents
  • Supervision and supervision (for example when you are responsible for the supervision of adolescents with intellectual disabilities with or without associated disorders…)
  • Driving a vehicle (for example in your missions of physical accompaniment or outings…)

Here are a few other trades to finish who share the same high values ​​( see the A higher )) in terms of transversal skills that a Caregiver:

  • The police
  • Army
  • The profession of Seller
  • Nurses, midwives (your points to improve: reading and writing documents, supervision, supervision and handling of small objects)

Various examples of professional reorientation of nursing assistants

CAREGIVER (in retraining)

« Experience of more than 20 years in the medical sector as a caregiver, I am moving towards the profession of dental assistant.« 

Caregiver in professional retraining

« I am looking for a position in the banking sector or cashier (experience of 2 years) or medical secretary due to my training as a nurse and nursing assistant for 11 years, I am autonomous, voluntary, smiling, welcoming, and ready to learn a new trade.« 

Caregiver for more than 10 years in retraining for the profession of medical secretary
 « I can no longer work as a caregiver in places where work is very physical. Fortunately, I was able to benefit from a word and excel upgrade. This is how I acquired some experience in reception, call management, administrative file management … »