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Inserting a profile on your Resume can be a great initiative that will allow a recruiter to see very quickly why you think you are the best qualified candidate for the job you are applying for.

What is a profile and how do you include one on your CV?

What is a CV profile?

A resume profile is a section of a CV or curriculum vitae (CV) that includes a brief summary of a candidate's skills, experiences and goals with respect to a specific job posting.

What is included in a CV profile?

What should be included in a CV profile ? A resume profile is usually a series of several sentences or a short paragraph that highlights a candidate's goals for their next job.

Resume profiles are the first opportunity to highlight relevant professional experiences, skills and goals the person is looking to achieve in their next job. Your profile should be personalized to match the qualifications the employer is looking for. Well-written Resume profiles are concise but informative.

Written effectively, this section of your Resume will grab the attention of a recruiter or employer, setting you apart from other applicants and will provide a telephone or formal interview.

Resume profile examples

Here are examples of resume profiles for various jobs. When using a profile on your CV, be sure to customize your profile to suit the specific job posting you are applying for and for your own skills.


Accountant with five years of experience in accounting in the sectors of real estate and marketing. Perfectly qualified in general accounting, payroll, budgeting and document preparation.

Student (intern in museology)

History student at XYZ University with experience in preservation and museum work. Research, documentation, scenarios. Award-winning customer service and communication skills.

Customer Service

Customer service specialist with extensive management experience. Strong interpersonal skills with certification in employee mediation and team building. Development and implementation of new service strategies to increase customer satisfaction by 30%.

Publisher and award-winning web editor

and technical writer with five years of experience. Successfully implement current web design technology to develop and maintain sites for IT companies.


Master's degree in French literature with four years of experience in teaching school literature, creative writing, and grammar.

Sales assistant

  • Administrative experience.
  • Successful implementation of a system planning to organize meetings and travel schedules more efficiently.
  • Strong skills on the Customer service and communication skills.
  • Speaks fluent English.
  • Manager

    Restaurant manager with more than ten years of experience. Exceptional interpersonal, negotiation and mediation skills. Cost control; 15% reduction in manpower and expense cost through strategic allocation and budget development.

    Self-service employment

    • Enthusiastic and motivated self-service employee with five years of sales experience
    • Award-winning customer service and interpersonal skills
    • Excellent cash register handling skills


    Biology teacher in a small private school. I have successfully developed a marine biology program for grades five to six. Strong interpersonal skills with certification in Youth Conflict Management.

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